Zonal Isolation

TGT’s Well Integrity Platform is being built to address the ever changing oil and gas market and its need for high quality services. Our range of memory logging services addresses the full well lifecycle and provides operators with tool packages to assist in the critical decision making process of well optimisation. Applications include: fluid breakthrough identification, injection and production profiling, stimulation and fracture flow evaluation and formation pressure determination behind multiple casings.

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Spectral Cement
Channel Detection (SPEC-CEM*)



In today’s world, our industry requires proper cement isolation to guarantee well integrity and isolation so that produced or injected fluids do not migrate to unwanted areas, such as aquifers, surface, etc. Conventional technologies, such as sonic or ultrasonic imaging, are good at assessing the cement in place and the bond between the casing, cement and formation, but they cannot detect fluid movement through those areas once the well is put on production. The TGT Spectral Cement Channel Detection (SPEC-CM*) is a service part of TGT's Well Integrity Platform, which measures the fluid movement through undetectable channels formed between the cement-casing and cement-formation interfaces or due to micro-cracks in cement. The TGT Spectral Channel Detection (SPEC-CM*) utilises passive high- definition spectral noise logging (SNL-HD*) combined with a high-precision temperature (HPT) tool.

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