Flow Analysis

Reservoir characterisation and understanding reservoir fluid dynamics is fundamental for effective reservoir management. Identifying active formation zones, distinguishing fracture and matrix flows, and understanding fluid movement from the reservoir to the wellbore is essential for optimal recovery

TGT’s Spectral Reservoir Platform (SRP*) is able to diagnose reservoir problems away from the wellbore, through multiple strings and deep in the reservoir. Our range of logging services can provide real reservoir answers for up to 5 m (15 ft) away from the borehole. These answers include: fluid breakthrough identification, injection and production profiling, stimulation efficiency evaluation and formation pressure determination behind multiple casings.

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Spectral Acid
Stimulation (SPEC-STIM*)



Acid stimulation is a well-known intervention technique designed to increase production by increasing the flow of hydrocarbons from the drainage area. This technique allows the Operator to pump acid at a lower pressure than the fracing pressure to dissolve pore-clogging clay particles and mud solids near the wellbore, enlarging the pores and facilitating fluid flow from the reservoir to the wellbore. TGT's Spectral Acid Stimulation (SPEC-STIM*) service evaluates, either quantitatively or qualitatively, reservoir fluid flow prior to an acid stimulation job, helping our Clients to choose from the different types of acid stimulation techniques, such as acid spotting or selective acidisation, among others, and elevate its efficiency after the acid job is completed and the well is flowed back. Passive high-definition acoustic data (SNL-HD*) and high-precision temperature (HPT*) data used with TGT's proprietary modelling software (TERMOSIM*) allows quantifying reservoir flow.

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