Production Logging

Reservoir characterisation and understanding reservoir fluid dynamics is fundamental for effective reservoir management. Identifying active formation zones, distinguishing fracture and matrix flows, and understanding fluid movement from the reservoir to the wellbore is essential for optimal recovery

TGT’s Spectral Reservoir Platform (SRP*) is able to diagnose reservoir problems away from the wellbore, through multiple strings and deep in the reservoir. Our range of logging services can provide real reservoir answers for up to 5 m (15 ft) away from the borehole. These answers include: fluid breakthrough identification, injection and production profiling, stimulation efficiency evaluation and formation pressure determination behind multiple casings.

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Advanced Production Logging
– Indigo PLT Suite



TGT’s Indigo PLT Suite employs sophisticated multiphase sensors to analyse fluid properties using pressure, temperature, borehole fluid conductivity, capacitance and spinner data for a comprehensive picture of fluid dynamics within the borehole. These services determine flow velocity and fluid composition and detect flow within the wellbore. TGT's proprietary modelling software enables data interpretation in a single- or multiphase environment.

Hardware & software tools

SNL-9 Indigo PL Suite

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