Hydrodynamic Optimisation and Production Enhancement (H.O.P.E.)

Reservoir management is a complex process with
constant uncertainties in reservoir performance
due to the inability to fully characterise reservoirs
and flows.

TGT has designed a new technique called Hydrodynamic Optimisation & Production Enhancement (H.O.P.E.), which measures effective injected or produced fluid flow, locates flow fronts and determines inter-well reservoir properties in order to minimise uncertainties and have realistic parameters to put into a model, calibrate it and assess and improve the field development plan.





The first stage is data gathering and job design. Well and reservoir data are collected, working cells are defined, and data acquisition needs are addressed.


The second stage is data acquisition. In this stage, X-Well Tomography is conducted to determine reservoir heterogeneity, continuity, fluid font displacement and other properties, such as dynamic permeability, formation compressibility, diffusivity and transmissibility.


The third stage is data analysis and interpretation. The outcome of this stage is to be integrated into the reservoir model. (Production reallocation and/or injection distribution, inter-well reservoir properties, sweep and displacement efficiency, etc.)


The fourth stage is data integration. TGT works closely with the Customer on a consultancy basis to put new data into the model, performing 3D model calibration and history matching. On the same basis, TGT offers a series of sensitivity analyses for production enhancement and optimisation opportunities based on the study.

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X-Well Pressure
Code Test (X-PCT*)



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Pressure-pulse or pressure-interference testing is a proven technique to understand reservoir pressure distribution. This technique had several limitations, but TGT has developed a new, sophisticated, more reliable, cost-effective approach. TGT’s X-Well Pressure Code Test (X-PCT*) survey allows engineers to determine not only pressure distribution but also key reservoir properties and reduce the impact of reservoir heterogeneity on overall performance. Furthermore, combined with TGT’s Spectral Reservoir Platform (SRP*) survey, X-PCT* can be used to calibrate the existing reservoir model and obtain a more robust tool for production forecasts and future field development.

Hardware & software tools


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