PLT INDIGO – Production Logging Toolstring


The INDIGO Downhole Memory Tool is designed for logging operations. The tool performance is based on “data and power monobus”.
The main purpose of this interface is control of the tool, notably setting the operating features: loading calibration tables, data reading, starting and shutting down the tool through the power monobus without powering each feature individually. The key advantage of this interface is the transmission of a useful signal via a single line.

The INDIGO consists of individual units so attached that the logging operation requires.
These units are:
1. INDIGO XYC is for measurement of pipe ID in two perpendicular planes.
2. INDIGO PT measures pressure and temperature.
3. INDIGO NAV detects pipe failures, runs GR and deviation logging.
4. INDIGO RECAP records fluid resistivity and capacitance.
5. INDIGO HEX is a heat exchange flowmeter.
6. INDIGO EWL consists of MOD and SRP – combination of downhole power/modem and surface read-out panel.
7. INDIGO BAT is a memory power supply unit.
8. INDIGO USB programs and reads data.
The memory tool is flexible in component arrangement. Only designated units are attached in the sequence that required for each logging operation.