DMPT-2 – Downhole Memory Pressure Temperature Tool

The tool is designed for measuring pressure and temperature during hydrodynamic surveys in injection and production wells. DMPT-2 package contains downhole tool, interface device, and PC software. The tool records data to memory.


  • Long operating time
  • Platinum temperature sensor
  • H2S resistance
  • Convinient usb interface for data downloding



ParameterParameter value
Temperature rating0 - 150 °C32 - 302 °F
Pressure rating60 MPa8,700 psi
Diameter38 mm1.5 in.
Length0.44 m1.45 ft
Weight2.5 kg5.512 lb
H2S resistance>25%*
Housing materialTitanium
Maximum working compression714 kg1,574 lb
Maximum working tension714 kg1,574 lb
Storage temperature-50 .. +50°С
Maximum vibration frequency72 Hz
Maximum vibration acceleration30 m/s2
Maximum beats per minute120 bpm
Maximum acceleration30 m/s2
Pressure sensorSaphire gauge
Pressure gauge resolution0.0005 MPa± 0.072 psi
Pressure measurement range0.1 - 60 MPa14.5 - 9,000 psi
Pressure measurement relative error0.15%
Temperature sensor typePlatinum resistivity
Temperature accuracy±0.1 °C±0.18 °F
Temperature resolution0.001 °С0.018 °F
Response time1.1 sec
Power supply voltage3.6 V
Current consumption6 mA
Memory4/8 Mb
Number of measurements516096/1032192
Sampling rate1 - 3600 sec
Operating time (@ 1 sample/sec)600 hr
*In wells where H2S concentrations are up to 25%, only titanium-alloy body tools are allowed to be run, provided that AFLAS 90 DURO BLACK seal rings have been installed.