TGT’s Spectral Reservoir Platform


TGT’s Spectral Reservoir Platform addresses challenges for the reservoir by studying it through multiple pipe strings in both injectors and producers. Our range of services provides real reservoir answers for up to 5 metres away from the wellbore.
One of the challenges is to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of fluid injection. Gas injection is an established EOR method used in the oil and gas industry, and its efficiency is crucial for the life of the reservoir and its economics. The case study below briefly describes our client’s problem and TGT’s solutions and actions.



Our Client detected unwanted gas in nearby wells, even though the production pressure was below the bubble point.


TGT was requested to perform Spectral Reservoir Flow Analysis (SPEC-RFA*) in nearby gas injectors to profile and quantify injection in Zone 2.


SPEC-RFA* showed a cooling anomaly associated with high-frequency noise above the perforated intervals (Zone 1), suggesting channelling and cross-flows behind casing. Cross-flow was quantified to find out that 95% of the fluid volume was misplaced into Zone 1 that communicated with nearby wells.


Our Client worked over the well and eliminated cross-flow and gas in nearby wells. The injection efficiency in Zone 2 improved from 5% to 100%.
May, 2016