More than 30 students from leading universities attended TGT’s 10th Student Mathematical Modelling and Information Technologies Conference (SMIT).

TGT’s SMIT conference enables top engineering students with the opportunity to engage with leading industry experts on the best practices of modelling physical processes, implementation of new mathematical signal processing techniques and their application in the oil and gas sector plus other industries.

Each participant was asked to present their research in a short 15-minute presentation. The best works are then published in peer-reviewed scientific journals recognised by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. Additionally, the top three presenters are offered a paid internship at TGT Oilfield Services to put their knowledge into practice.

This year, the winner was Regina Yakusheva, a third-year student from Kazan Federal University for her research on "Determining the impact of rock anysotropy on neutron logging signals". The runners-up were: Dmitry Lobachev - Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University, Elizaveta Spirina - Kazan Federal University, Alexei Abramov - Kazan Federal University, Ramil Ziyadiev - Kazan Federal University.

"We are an innovative company, constantly striving to advance our well flow and well integrity services. Attracting, developing and retaining top talent is critical to our future”, notes Maksim Gladkiy, Deputy Managing Director, TGT Oilfield Services Technology Centre.

Maksim goes on to say, “We don’t have an annual quota of vacancies which we need to fill. On the contrary, this process is ongoing and by creating events such as SMIT, we proactively seek out talented students who share our spirit and can join the TGT team. We provide them with the platform and the opportunity to reach their potential not only while they study, but through into their professional lives.”

Yulia Fesina, TGT’s leading Analytics Engineer joined TGT 10-years ago following her participation in the first SMIT event. She was able to complete her thesis while working part-time for TGT and now participates in the event as an industry expert encouraging promising talent to follow in her path and join TGT.

At TGT, the importance placed on research and development can be clearly seen from the high percentage of TGT’s employees based in the Kazan Technology Centre working primarily on furthering TGT’s research into harnessing the power of heat, acoustic and electromagnetic energy, to reveal deep insights about well and reservoir dynamics.

Vadim Yarysh a student at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and a participant at this years’ event was hopeful that through his polymer flooding research he could prove himself to TGT as a quality candidate and be asked to join their team. “I see more opportunities for growth at TGT than at the larger Oil & Gas companies”, he openly confessed.

TGT is committed to inspiring talented students and providing a platform for young scientists to be discovered and take on a rewarding career path.

May 10, 2018; Kazan, Russia