TGT New Year 2018

On 29 December 2017, at La Famiglia restaurant, TGT Oilfield Services enjoyed its own Late Show. The show was rich in festive charm, i.e. the bright lights of the Kremlin Embankment, an Italian restaurant, a charismatic host, live music, elegant ladies and gentlemen.

As always, Dmitry Davydov, TGT Technology Centre Manager, opened the event saying:

The outgoing year of 2017 was a crucial and milestone period for the company. The crisis, which had been affecting the company badly, started losing its powers. We finally managed changing our negative trends into steady results and then showed sizeable growth. These trends are evidenced by the number of wells we have processed. If in 2016 the number of wells reached four hundred, then in 2017 it exceeded six hundred. This definitely resulted in our increased profits. For the first time, over the years, our company succeeded in meeting its targets. And this success is certainly the result of the work of the whole team, starting from our forefront, i.e. the sales team, and including all those who made the success a reality: Operations, WLA, Manufacturing, RnD and Support. Thank you very much for your work.

That night, everything was there to let the team feel relaxed after a year of committed work and enjoy the festive atmosphere, i.e. a colourful open air photo booth, video shooting and express video editing, Finger Films, Welcome Drink Bar and crafting leather card holders with the TGT logo. One could enjoy these attributes at the beginning of the party and then could be doing many other pleasant things through the whole night.

In addition to such segments of the Late Show as a Special Guest, Company News, Five Flashes of the Beauty, and Looking Up from Below, congratulations from departments were the cherry of the cake. So, again, the team proved to be not only a team of professionals, but also a team of interesting and gifted people in everyday life. RnD, Manufacturing, WLA, Administration, i.e. all the departments were very enthusiastic about preparing their greeting performances and deserved warm applause.

Our plans for the next year are no less ambitious. We keep increasing our turnover, continue working on our restructuring in our efforts to streamline all the structural elements. Our Technology Centre will also go through significant changes. We are optimistic about these changes and they are expected to improve our business in the future. But it would be impossible without your support. I believe, we are to work efficiently next year and reach our goals. I wish you and your families success, staying well, happiness and joy! Happy New Year!

Dmitry Davydov summarised another year in the history of TGT.

Dec 29, 2017; Kazan, Russia

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