TGT B2B training Course

On April 24-28, second professional Sales training session was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Followed by the success of the external training conducted in December, 2016 the rest of TGT Sales Team has been provided with an opportunity to attend a famous B2B sales seminar.

The course was led by JP Amlin, a Senior Sales Consultant with extensive experience in the technology and energy industries and the author of several publications relating to marketing and complex sales.

The 5-day training was aimed to provide the attendees with the best sales practices and techniques, that can be put into action for immediate, measurable results and successful outcomes as well as practical exercises that allow everyone to apply multiple concepts immediately.

The use of the approach and the tools given at the seminar will help sales team enhance their abilities to better understand Client’s concerns and focus on providing the cost-effective solutions enabling our Customers to achieve their goals.

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24-28 April 2017; Abu Dhabi, UAE

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