TGT and KFU: Partnership in professional staff development

Photo courtesy of KFU, IoGaPT

Students of the KFU Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies came to visit the Science and Production Centre of TGT Oilfield Services. The event was held in the context of educational partnership between TGT Oilfield Services and Kazan Federal University.

Photo courtesy of KFU, IoGaPT

The future oilfield specialists were introduced into the Company’s operation process by Maksim Gladkiy, Deputy Managing Director of TGT Oilfield Services Technology Centre. The students were shown around the logging tool manufacturing and assembly facilities, and Termosim development and SNL, EmPulse and PLT data processing laboratory.

Each of them could see in person the calibration and test units required for the equipment developed by the Company. The students were most of all impressed with the "quiet" room where SNL data calibration processes take place and noises generated by reservoir flows are studied.

Photo courtesy of KFU, IoGaPT
Dec 20, 2017; Kazan, Russia

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