SPE Horizontal Wells Survey Workshop in Russia

TGT participated in the first SPE Horizontal Wells Survey Workshop in Russia, held 23-24 November 2016 in Tyumen West-Siberian Scientific and Research Institute of Geology and Geophysics.

This workshop was dedicated to one of the most dynamic areas for development: logging in horizontal wells. Special attention was given to hydrodynamic studies, horizontal wells testing, production logging test (PLT), as well as new technologies and developments in this field.

Major Russian Oil&Gas companies participated in the event, such as Rosneft, Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, Novatek, Schlumberger etc.

All the advanced technologies and well logging techniques for complex horizontal wells, including array sensors, fiber-optic technology, Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), high-sensitivity spectral noise logging were showcased at the workshop.

Most of the presentations were specifically devoted to horizontal well logging. TGT technical presentation titled “Localization of gas, oil and water inflow zones in horizontal wells using high-sensitivity Spectral Noise Logging (SNL) and temperature modelling (Termosim) was delivered at the following session: “Horizontal wells: technologies, equipment, interpretation”.

These surveys provide solutions to some of the critical issues arising during the development of oil and gas fields with horizontal wells, such as:

1) Inflow profiling including identification of:
    Drained / Undrained zones
    Cross-flows behind casing
    Water / gas breakthrough sources.
2) Well integrity surveys including:
    Packer leak test
    Frac sleeve operation survey.
3) Drilling Programme amendment:
    Updating well path
    Updating well design.

Based upon the outcome of the Conference, it can be concluded that the currently available logging tools used in horizontal well surveys are capable of adequately building inflow profiles only in those cases when an integrated approach is employed, which means that all applicable distributed-type sensors and tools should be used during the surveys.

23-24 November 2016 ; Tyumen, Russia

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