TGT Oilfield Services took part in the exhibition, held at Skolkovo innovation hub as part of the workshop for the members of the Government of Russia

On July 14, a workshop for the members of the RF Government was held at the Skolkovo Innovation Hub.

During the workshop, the participants headed by Dmitry Medvedev, Chairman of the RF Government, attended the exhibition zone of the Technological Cluster where the Cabinet Ministers had an opportunity to communicate with Skolkovo resident companies.

TGT Oilfield Services, as a resident and a prominent representative among other oil service providers, attracted a special attention of Alexander Novak, the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

The Minister was introduced to the Company’s advanced technologies and then was shown some specimens of the unique downhole logging tools of the Company’s own in-house design and manufactured at the Tool Factory.

During the conversation with Alexander Zamkovoy, a TGT’s representative, the parties touched upon the issue of highly efficient domestic innovations in petroleum industry and, in particular, they discussed the need in expanding the range of high-tech services in Russia by setting up process flow chains starting with research and development and fabrication of prototypes, and proceeding all the way up to implementing them into commercial operations.

TGT is an example of a successfully actualized high-tech project. Over 19 years of its existence, the Company has advanced from a concept to an international company. As of today, TGT Oilfield Services has regional offices in a dozen of other countries with the geography of the Company’s operations covering more than twenty locations all over the world.

Jul 14, 2017; Skolkovo, Russia

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