Reservoir Characterisation and Reservoir Fluid Dynamics


Reservoir characterisation and understanding reservoir fluid dynamics is fundamental for effective reservoir management. Identifying active formation zones, distinguishing fracture and matrix flows, and understanding fluid movement from the reservoir to the wellbore is essential for optimal recovery. TGT’s SPEC-RFA* combined with our proprietary TermoSim* temperature simulator is a unique technology that enables diagnostics to be performed in both vertical and horizontal wells.
Nov 2016 Image 2


The well was completed in Q2 2013 as a single lateral horizontal producer comprising 18 screens with swell packers and artificial lift using ESP. The well produced 250 BOPD and 475 BWPD. The Client wanted to monitor the production process to prevent non-uniform production along the horizontal section and evaluate production from the screens along with the integrity of the packers.


To achieve these objectives, TGT recommended to survey the well with SPEC-RFA and use the Termosim* temperature simulator to identify and quantify fluid inflow intervals, assess the performance of active screens and integrity of the packers.


Analysis of the acquired data revealed that three out of eighteen screens (12, 14 and 16) were inactive and not contributing to the total flow. Moreover, TGT’s SPEC-RFA detected communications between compartments 17 and 16 and between 11 and 10 due to swell packer seal failure.


Because the total production from the long lateral was low, TGT recommended activating inactive screens 12, 14 and 16 by acid stimulation. The Client performed stimulation and increased overall liquid production three-fold.
November, 2016