Programmer Day 2017

On September 13 TGT Oilfield Services took part in the Programmer’s Day opening ceremony in the Computational Mathematics and Information Technology Institute of the Kazan Federal University.

Annually, in the Marble Hall of the KFU Highrise Building 2, the Institute authorities congratulate their students on this professional event – Programmer’s Day – which, since 2009 has been officially celebrated as the observance day for programmers, software developers, testers, analysts, and system technicians.

This event is celebrated on the

256th day of the year

with this particular day chosen because this number is equal to two raised to the eighth power. The exponent (eight) is equal to the number of bits in one byte and the base (two) is associated with the binary numeral system, which is a numeral system that represents numeric values using two symbols – 0 and 1.

Traditionally, IT companies were represented in the festive ceremony including TGT Oilfield Services, considering that each Company’s project includes a significant software component.

The students were addressed by Maxim Gladkiy, Deputy Managing Director of TGT Russia, and Andrey Arbuzov, Head of R&D Department, who gave a presentation titled Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies in International Petroleum Business. In their presentation TGT specialists told the students how their knowledge in computational mathematics gained at the University can be put to practical application in oil services business and then briefed the participants on successfully implemented projects and current tasks. Then the floor was given to Aygul Galyamova who discussed in detail the matter of employment as being the most relevant issue to the students, told them about the vacancies open in TGT and specialists currently in demand, described work conditions and development opportunities, and readily clarified some points of interest.

The students expressed keen interest in the technologies and asked many questions in regard to the specific features of the Company’s software and programming languages used by TGT developers, and promptly received comprehensive answers from our lead specialists.

In conclusion, TGT representatives once again congratulated the participants on their professional day and wished them to handle only interesting tasks and projects in future, always have clear-cut assignment specifications and as few bugs as possible, as well as easy code compiling and debugging.

Sep 13, 2017; Kazan, Russia

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