Course of lectures in KFU

With a view to further bilateral cooperation between TGT Oilfield Services and Kazan Federal University (KFU), a series of lectures titled “Modern Logging Technologies” was given on 8, 15, and 20 November 2017 at the KFU Geology and Petroleum Technology Institute.

The lecturers, which included Andrey Arbuzov, Head of R&D at TGT who has a PhD in Physics and Mathematics, and Alexander Frolov, Head of the Termosim Development Group, introduced ways in which TGT technologies can solve current petroleum industry issues faced by Russia and many OPEC countries.

Lecture topics included “Spectral Noise Logging Applications for Enhancement of Oil and Gas Wells Performance", "Identification of Corrosion in Downhole Tubulars by Electromagnetic Defectoscopy”, and "Quantitative Analysis of Inflow Profiles and Injectivity by Temperature Modelling”.

In conclusion, Maksim Gladkiy, Deputy Managing Director of TGT Oilfield Services Technology Centre, provided the audience with a history of TGT’s more than 19 years experience in successful oilfield operations in 15 countries and hi-tech projects and plans for the future. Maksim also invited attendees to the annual Students’ Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Information Technologies (SMIT 2018), scheduled for April 2018 in Kazan.

The goal of SMIT 2018 is to exchange experiences in areas such as the modelling of physical processes, the implementation of new mathematical methods of signal processing, and their practical application in petroleum and other industries. SMIT Conference prize winners will also have an excellent opportunity to intern at TGT and have a paper published by one of the SMIT sponsors: the Georesources Journal.

Nov 22, 2017; Kazan, Russia

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