Beach Volley

On July, 29th, a company-wide beach volleyball tournament was held as part of TGT Olifield Services Olympics. This is the third sports competition in TGT Technology Centre. Several sets of medals were already played for in the ski race at a distance of 1 km and 3 km and in a table tennis tournament.

The day was really hot, both in terms of the weather and the intensity of emotions.

12 teams

12 teams took part in the competition: 10 men’s and 2 women’s ones. In addition to athletes, the event was attended by TGT employees as well as their relatives and family members, who came to support the participants.

After the welcoming speech from the organizers of the event and the explanation of the rules, the tournament was declared open.

The games were played at 4 courts simultaneously, so that the participants didn’t lose any time and while some teams were competing, the rest were warming up and getting ready for another game.

As a result of the long and tough contest the winning places were distributed as follows:

1st place:

Fanis Khamidullin,
Maxim Tarasov

2nd place

Maksim Gladkiy,
Alexandr Spiridonov

3rd place

Alexandr Trusov, Ruslan Gayfutdinov and Ilnaz Zaripov, Airat Gainanov

Women’s competition became, undoubtedly, the adornment of the tournament.
The final among the ladies was played between these teams: Maria Lisafina and Yulia Trusova on one side, and Gulfia Bagdanova and Nelly Islamova on the other. Sports luck favoured Maria and Yulia this time.

To loud rounds of applause all prize-winners received well-deserved cups, diplomas and memorable gifts.

Further on all the participants had an opportunity to capture this sunny day with the excellent photos in the specially designated photo zone or right at the court.

The organizers of the beach volleyball tournament thank all the participants who granted us with this sports festival and hope that the next Olympics won’t be an exception, and we as a friendly sporting family once again gather at the next sports tournament.

See you soon!
Jul 29, 2017; Kazan, Russia

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