Technical Papers

  • Well Integrity
    • Well & Completion Integrity
    • Leak Detection
    • Sustained Annulus Pressure
    • Zonal Isolation
    • Drilling Fluid Losses
    • Corrosion Assessment
    • Dual Completion Integrity
  • Spectral Reservoir
    • Reservoir Flow Profile
    • Reservoir Flow Pattern (Qualitative)
    • Water/Gas Breakthrough
    • Formation pressure
    • Fracture Flow Analysis
    • Stimulation Flow Analysis
    • Advanced Production Logging
    • Reservoir Saturation / PNN
  • H.O.P.E.
    • X-Well Tomography
    • X-Well Pressure Code Test
    • 3D Model Calibration
    • Field Development Opportunities
57The FIRST – SPE NorwayDec, 2017Leak detection – Identification of source of low rate sustained annulus pressure
56SPE-188547-MSNov, 2017Cathodic Protection Effectiveness Evaluation in ADCO Wells Utilizing Multi Barrier Magnetic Defectoscopy
55SPE-188258-MSNov, 2017Field Trial Results For 3rd Barrier Evaluation Using Technology Of Individual Electromagnetic Metal Loss Logging
54SPE-187670-MSNov, 2017First Rigless ICD Acid Stimulation in Horizontal Carbonate Reservoir Arising from Unique High Precision Temperature and Spectral Noise Logging, North Kuwait
53SPE-188425-MSNov, 2017Base-Line Logging before Commencement of the EOR Project to Enhance the Chances for Success
52SPE-187668-MSNov, 2017Application of Noise and High Precision Temperature Logging Technology to Detect Tubing Leak in an Oil Well – A Case Study
51SPE-187561-MSNov, 2017Spectral Noise Logging (SNL) as a Key Tool to Identify Water Source in a Deviated Production Well on ESP
50SPE-188422-MSNov, 2017Well Integrity Management: Challenges in Extending Life of a Mature Gas Condensate Field – A Case Study
49SPE-188656-MSNov, 2017An Integrated Approach to the Integrity Diagnostics of Underground Gas Storage Wells
48SPE-187927Oct, 2017Verifying Reserves Opportunities With Multi-Well Pressure Pulse-Code Testing
47SPE-187909Oct, 2017Identification of Inflow Zones in Low-Rate Horizontal Wells by Spectral Noise Logging
46SPE-186129-MSSep, 2017The Sound of Silence: Innovative Approach to Confirm Barriers using Spectral Noise Logging
45GEOFORUM Issue 2 (44) 2017Sep, 2017Petroleum engineering solutions using state-of-the-art technologies of Spectral Noise Logging and Temperature Modelling
44The FIRST – SPE NorwaySep, 2017OPTISIM – Innovative Solution to Obtain Formation Flow Profile From Fiber Optics – DTS and DAS
43SPE-187017-MSJul, 2017Multi-Layer Formation Pressure Determination by Triple-Rate Spectral Noise Logging and Data Verification by Transposed Pressure Deconvolution
42The FIRST – SPE NorwayJun, 2017Cased Hole Reservoir Layer Pressure
41SPE-KSA-8273-MSApr, 2017Unconventional Pre-Workover Diagnosis and Decision Making using High Precision Temperature and Spectral Noise Logging: Case Study
40SPE-185912-MSApr, 2017Combining a Liquid Jet Compressor with Nitrogen Lifting Through Coiled Tubing for Logging a Low Pressure Horizontal Well
39The FIRST – SPE NorwayFeb, 2017Utilising Spectral Noise Logging and Conventional Production Logging Tools to Assess Reservoir & Completion Performance
38SPE-182856-MSNov, 2016Formation Pressure Evaluation for producing wells without shutting down the well, using Triple Spectral Noise Logging (TSNL)
37SPE-182587-MSNov, 2016The Application of Multi-Sensor Production Logging and Spectral Noise Logging Tools in Optimising Water Shut-off in a Carbonate Environment
36SPE-181555-MSSep, 2016Application of Multi-Well Pressure Pulse-Code Testing for 3D Model Calibration
35The FIRST – SPE NorwaySep, 2016Through Tubing Acoustic Logging for Well Integrity and Flow Allocation
34SPE-181792-MSAug, 2016Characterising Hydraulic Fracture Contribution in Shale Oil Wells Using High-Precision Temperature and Spectral Noise Logging
33УДК 550.832.44Jun, 2016Detection of behind-casing gas flows using integrated high-precision temperature logging, spectral noise logging, and pulsed neutron logging toolstring
32“Gazovaya promyshlennost” 739 – 2016Apr, 2016Domestic Spectral Noise Logging Software Targets Oil and Gas in Russia and Outside
31OTC-26742-MSMar, 2016Understanding Noises from Different Flow Mediums in Near Well Bore Region: A Novel Approach for Detection and Characterisation of Sub-Vertical Natural Flow Paths in North Kuwait Gas Fields
30OTC-26414-MSMar, 2016Integrated Wellbore Surveillance Techniques for Effective Reservoir Management Plan
29Neftegazovoye delo # 2, v.2, 2016Jan, 2016SNL as an innovative energy-saving technology
28GEORESURSY 2016. V.18 No.3 Part 1Jan, 2016Identification of Leakage in Couplings of Tubing, Casing and Intermediate Casing for Wells of Underground Gas Storage in Salt Caverns by means of Spectral Noise Logging
27SPE-178112-MSNov, 2015An Integrated Downhole Production Logging Suite for Locating Water Sources in Oil Production Wells
26SPE-177892-MSNov, 2015Formation Pressure Evaluation for producing wells without shutting down the well, using Multi Rate High Precision Temperature and Spectral Noise Logging (HPT-SNL)
25SPE-177827-MSNov, 2015Correctly Allocating Injected Gas to Targeted Zones by Integrating Data From Spectral Noise and Temperature Logs
24SPE-177620-MSNov, 2015Quantification of Reservoir Pressure in Multi-Zone Well under Flowing Conditions Using SNL Technique , Zubair Reservoir, Raudhatain Field , North Kuwait
23SPE-177616-MSNov, 2015Integrated formation microimager (FMI) and spectral noise logging (SNL) for the study of fracturing in carbonate reservoirs (Oman)
22SPE-176863-MSNov, 2015Acoustic-based Methodology of Assessing Zonal Production Contribution, Hydraulic Fracture Productive Height, and Reservoir Fluid Type in Tight Gas Condensate and Oil Reservoirs
21SPE-176655-MSOct, 2015Triple-barrier thickness scanning using through-tubing pulse-magnetic logging tool
20SPE-175550-MSSep, 2015Assessing Macroscopic Dynamic Permeability Through Pressure and Noise Analysis
19SPE-175450-MSSep, 2015Spectral Noise Logging Integrated with High-Precision Temperature Logging for a Multi-Well Leak Detection Survey in South Alberta
18Apr, 2015Calibrating 3D models in multi-layer formations with production logging and pressure test data
17OMC-2015-467Mar, 2015The sound of hydrocarbons & the fluids temperature. An integrated production logging approach
16IPTC-18173-MSDec, 2014Planning infill drilling and workover programmes based on reservoir oriented production logging surveys
15SPE-172090-MSNov, 2014Numerical Temperature Modelling for Quantitative Analysis of Low-Compressible Fluid Production
14SPE-171251-MSOct, 2014Identification of Behind-Casing Flowing Reservoir Intervals by the Integrated High-Precision Temperature and Spectral Noise Logging Techniques
13Aug, 2014EmPulse White Paper
12SPE-169601-MSMay, 2014Time-Domain Magnetic Defectoscopy for Tubing and Casing Corrosion Detection
11SPE-166007-MSSep, 2013Evaluating Injection Performance With High-precision Temperature Logging And Numerical Temperature Modelling
10SPWLA-2013-TTTJun, 2013Complementing Production Logging with Spectral Noise Analysis to Improve Reservoir Characterisation and Surveillance
9SPE-161712-MSNov, 2012Innovative Noise and High-Precision Temperature Logging Tool for Diagnosing Complex Well Problems
8SPE-157149-MSNov, 2012Integrating Reservoir Modelling, High-Precision Temperature Logging and Spectral Noise Logging for Waterflood Analysis
7SPE-161983-MSNov, 2012Leak detection by temperature and noise logging
6SPE-162081-MSOct, 2012Spectral Noise Logging Data Processing Technology
5SPE-162080-MSOct, 2012Refinement of a Geological Reservoir Model by Detailed Correlation
4SPE-162054-MSOct, 2012Memory Magnetic Imaging Defectoscopy
3SPE-162074-MSOct, 2012Memory Pulsed Neutron-Neutron Logging
2SPE-177616-MSOct, 2010Integrated Formation MicroImager (FMI) and Spectral Noise Logging (SNL) for the Study of Fracturing in Carbonate Reservoirs
1SPWLA-MERS-2007-IApr, 2007Evaluation of Water Flooding Efficiency Through the Static High Precision Temperature Logging