Technical Papers

  • Well Integrity
    • Well & Completion Integrity
    • Leak Detection
    • Sustained Annulus Pressure
    • Zonal Isolation
    • Drilling Fluid Losses
    • Corrosion Assessment
    • Dual Completion Integrity
  • Spectral Reservoir
    • Reservoir Flow Profile
    • Reservoir Flow Pattern (Qualitative)
    • Water/Gas Breakthrough
    • Formation pressure
    • Fracture Flow Analysis
    • Stimulation Flow Analysis
    • Advanced Production Logging
    • Reservoir Saturation / PNN
  • H.O.P.E.
    • X-Well Tomography
    • X-Well Pressure Code Test
    • 3D Model Calibration
    • Field Development Opportunities
40The FIRST – SPE NorwayJun, 2017Cased Hole Reservoir Layer Pressure
39SPE-185912-MSApr, 2017Combining a Liquid Jet Compressor with Nitrogen Lifting Through Coiled Tubing for Logging a Low Pressure Horizontal Well
38The FIRST – SPE NorwayFeb, 2017Utilising Spectral Noise Logging and Conventional Production Logging Tools to Assess Reservoir & Completion Performance
37SPE-182856-MSNov, 2016Formation Pressure Evaluation for producing wells without shutting down the well, using Triple Spectral Noise Logging (TSNL)
36SPE-182587-MSNov, 2016The Application of Multi-Sensor Production Logging and Spectral Noise Logging Tools in Optimising Water Shut-off in a Carbonate Environment
35SPE-181555-MSSep, 2016Application of Multi-Well Pressure Pulse-Code Testing for 3D Model Calibration
34The FIRST – SPE NorwaySep, 2016Through Tubing Acoustic Logging for Well Integrity and Flow Allocation
33SPE-181792-MSAug, 2016Characterising Hydraulic Fracture Contribution in Shale Oil Wells Using High-Precision Temperature and Spectral Noise Logging
32УДК 550.832.44Jun, 2016Detection of behind-casing gas flows using integrated high-precision temperature logging, spectral noise logging, and pulsed neutron logging toolstring
31Apr, 2016Domestic Spectral Noise Logging Software Targets Oil and Gas in Russia and Outside
30OTC-26742-MSMar, 2016Understanding Noises from Different Flow Mediums in Near Well Bore Region: A Novel Approach for Detection and Characterisation of Sub-Vertical Natural Flow Paths in North Kuwait Gas Fields
29OTC-26414-MSMar, 2016Integrated Wellbore Surveillance Techniques for Effective Reservoir Management Plan
28Jan, 2016SNL as an innovative energy-saving technology
27SPE-178112-MSNov, 2015An Integrated Downhole Production Logging Suite for Locating Water Sources in Oil Production Wells
26SPE-177892-MSNov, 2015Formation Pressure Evaluation for producing wells without shutting down the well, using Multi Rate High Precision Temperature and Spectral Noise Logging (HPT-SNL)
25SPE-177827-MSNov, 2015Correctly Allocating Injected Gas to Targeted Zones by Integrating Data From Spectral Noise and Temperature Logs
24SPE-177620-MSNov, 2015Quantification of Reservoir Pressure in Multi-Zone Well under Flowing Conditions Using SNL Technique , Zubair Reservoir, Raudhatain Field , North Kuwait
23SPE-177616-MSNov, 2015Integrated formation microimager (FMI) and spectral noise logging (SNL) for the study of fracturing in carbonate reservoirs (Oman)
22SPE-176863-MSNov, 2015Acoustic-based Methodology of Assessing Zonal Production Contribution, Hydraulic Fracture Productive Height, and Reservoir Fluid Type in Tight Gas Condensate and Oil Reservoirs
21SPE-176655-MSOct, 2015Triple-barrier thickness scanning using through-tubing pulse-magnetic logging tool
20SPE-175550-MSSep, 2015Assessing Macroscopic Dynamic Permeability Through Pressure and Noise Analysis
19SPE-175450-MSSep, 2015Spectral Noise Logging Integrated with High-Precision Temperature Logging for a Multi-Well Leak Detection Survey in South Alberta
18Apr, 2015Calibrating 3D models in multi-layer formations with production logging and pressure test data
17OMC-2015-467Mar, 2015The sound of hydrocarbons & the fluids temperature. An integrated production logging approach
16IPTC-18173-MSDec, 2014Planning infill drilling and workover programmes based on reservoiroriented production logging surveys
15SPE-172090-MSNov, 2014Numerical Temperature Modelling for Quantitative Analysis of Low-Compressible Fluid Production
14SPE-171251-MSOct, 2014Identification of Behind-Casing Flowing Reservoir Intervals by the Integrated High-Precision Temperature and Spectral Noise Logging Techniques
13Aug, 2014EmPulse White Paper
12SPE-169601-MSMay, 2014Time-Domain Magnetic Defectoscopy for Tubing and Casing Corrosion Detection
11SPE-166007-MSSep, 2013Evaluating Injection Performance With High-precision Temperature Logging And Numerical Temperature Modelling
10SPWLA-2013-TTTJun, 2013Complementing Production Logging with Spectral Noise Analysis to Improve Reservoir Characterisation and Surveillance
9SPE-161712-MSNov, 2012Innovative Noise and High-Precision Temperature Logging Tool for Diagnosing Complex Well Problems
8SPE-157149-MSNov, 2012Integrating Reservoir Modelling, High-Precision Temperature Logging and Spectral Noise Logging for Waterflood Analysis
7SPE-161983-MSNov, 2012Leak detection by temperature and noise logging
6SPE-162081-MSOct, 2012Spectral Noise Logging Data Processing Technology
5SPE-162080-MSOct, 2012Refinement of a Geological Reservoir Model by Detailed Correlation
4SPE-162054-MSOct, 2012Memory Magnetic Imaging Defectoscopy
3SPE-162074-MSOct, 2012Memory Pulsed Neutron-Neutron Logging
2Oct, 20103D Correlation of FMI with Static Temperature profile
1SPWLA-MERS-2007-IApr, 2007Evaluation of Water Flooding Efficiency Through the Static High Precision Temperature Logging