• Well Integrity
    • Well & Completion Integrity
    • Leak Detection
    • Sustained Annulus Pressure
    • Zonal Isolation
    • Drilling Fluid Losses
    • Corrosion Assessment
    • Dual Completion Integrity
  • Spectral Reservoir
    • Reservoir Flow Profile
    • Reservoir Flow Pattern (Qualitative)
    • Water/Gas Breakthrough
    • Formation pressure
    • Fracture Flow Analysis
    • Stimulation Flow Analysis
    • Advanced Production Logging
    • Reservoir Saturation / PNN
  • H.O.P.E.
    • X-Well Tomography
    • X-Well Pressure Code Test
    • 3D Model Calibration
    • Field Development Opportunities
pdf 3D Model Calibration
pdf Corrosion Logging by EmPulse technology
pdf Cross Well Tomography
pdf Drilling fluid losses analysis
pdf Formation pressure evaluation
pdf Gas injection efficiency monitoring
pdf Gas storage performance evaluation
pdf Heat Exchange Survey in injectors (HEX)
pdf Integrated Production and Spectral Noise Logging
pdf Integration of flowing temperature simulations and spectral noise logging (RFP&SNL)
pdf Integration of radial flow injection temperature simulations and spectral noise logging (RFI&SNL)
pdf Leak Detection
pdf Leak Detection Flyer
pdf LogViz® brochure
pdf MPNN Flyer
pdf Multi-Rate Spectral Noise Logging (SNL) for Reservoir Pressure Determination
pdf Production Enhancement Opportunities
pdf Production Logging Tool (PLT)
pdf Pulse Neutron-Neutron Logging (PNN SIGMA)
pdf Radial Flow Injection Temperature Simulations (RFI)
pdf Reservoir Flow Analysis
pdf Simulation of flowing temperature in producers (RFP)
pdf SNL Flyer
pdf Surface casing corrosion evaluation
pdf Sustained annulus pressure source identification
pdf Time lapse corrosion monitoring
pdf Transient Temperature Analysis (TTA)
pdf Water source identification