Monthly updates

November, 2016
Reservoir Characterisation and Reservoir Fluid Dynamics
Reservoir characterisation and understanding reservoir fluid dynamics is fundamental for effective reservoir management. Identifying active formation zones, distinguishing fracture and ... Read more

October, 2016
Spectral Leak Detection
Leaks in casing, tubing and completions and communications between them have a dramatic impact on well integrity, productivity and economics. ... Read more
September, 2016
Tractor-assisted EmPulse Jobs in Complex Horizontal Wells
No matter the type of well, either vertical or horizontal, or the type of completion and its complexity, maintaining well ... Read more
August, 2016
Sustained casing/annulus pressure
Sustained casing/annulus pressure (SCP/SAP) could occur in the well at any time during its life cycle due to several factors, ... Read more

July, 2016
Corrosion Assessment
Assessment of corrosion and metal loss to evaluate well conditions, performance, MAASP and other operating parameters is a constant activity ... Read more
June, 2016
Drilling Fluid Losses
Drilling fluid losses are undesired drilling events, which add complexity to well control, cementing jobs and completion operations. Curing fluid ... Read more

May, 2016
TGT’s Spectral Reservoir Platform
TGT’s Spectral Reservoir Platform addresses challenges for the reservoir by studying it through multiple pipe strings in both injectors and ... Read more
November, 2015
Correlation of Spectral Noise and Open-Hole Micro Resistivity Imaging Data
Correlation of Spectral Noise and Open-Hole Micro Resistivity Imaging Data NOVEMBER / 2015 Nowadays, some of our clients deal with ... Read more
October, 2015
Formation Pressure Measurement
Formation Pressure Measurement OCTOBER / 2015 When several reservoirs or a multi-layer reservoir are developed in a well, it is ... Read more

September, 2015
Monitoring and handling Sustainable Annulus Pressure
Monitoring and handling Sustainable Annulus Pressure SEPTEMBER / 2015 Monitoring and handling Sustainable Annulus Pressure (SAP) is a daily challenge ... Read more
August 2015
TGT monthly technical update August – 2015
SERVICING OIL AND GAZ WELLS AUGUST / 2015 As you well know, servicing oil and gas wells requires their integrity ... Read more

July 2015
TGT monthly technical update July – 2015
WELL INTEGRITY JULY / 2015 On July, TGT will update. We would like to share with you our applications for ... Read more