YULIA MASLENNIKOVA / SNL Data Processing Team Leader


I have been employed by TGT since June 2010, which is to say since the day I graduated with Master’s degree from the KFU Institute of Physics. After my participation in SMIT Conference I was offered a job as the Company had a vacancy at that moment and was looking for a person qualified and experienced in the area of artificial neural networks. As a student I was deeply involved in scientific research and took part in conferences and grant-supported projects. My work in TGT was actually a continuation of my research activities.


Over the past 5 years with the Company I have participated in data processing for virtually all the projects that are still current. My first project in TGT pertained to petrophysics (rock permeability model based on artificial neuron networks). At the beginning of 2011 I was transferred to MID Team to take part in the development of a new logging technique. Simultaneously, V.V. Bochkarev and I developed SNL and PNNL data processing methods. As the Company staff was still limited, I had to deal with a wide variety of tasks, such as, for example, designing advertising materials, training logging engineers, organizing SMIT conferences, and many others.


In the middle of 2012 I started working in SNL Department, which meant new projects and new tasks. At that time the Department consisted of just a few people and at first we had to undergo considerable difficulties. Gradually, the Department expanded and a data processing and lad testing team was organised. Our joint efforts led to considerable improvement of the software and data interpretation methods.


The job climate in our Company has never left me a chance to slack off. When you are facing so many interesting problems, you are apt to literally lose track of time.

Many times we had to stay until midnight in the office of come to work at weekends. I had my first annual leave after two and a half years of my working with the Company but when the job is really interesting you just do not feel tired. As to the rare moments when I feel like taking it easy for a while, I paint in oils, crayon, and ink or make stuffed toys, as I believe handcrafting is the best way to relax.


Try painting on water

Travelling abroad on overseas assignments and conferences has particularly added up to my interest in my work. Personal contacts with foreign colleagues, clients, and developers from other companies have enabled me to look at the problems and tasks in a different perspective. In 2012, after my petrophysics project had won at the SPE student conference held in Russia, I had an opportunity to visit New Orleans (USA) and take part in an international contest. New Orleans, the conference and cheerful and festive atmosphere have left the most cordial reminiscences in my memory. Annual visits for participation in WSAM are of especial interest. From year to year I can see the Company growth and improvement of its organizational level.



A dream come true, 10 minutes on the racetrack in Abu-Dhabi


A visit to a Buddhist temple during a business trip to Malaysia

All these years, simultaneously with my work in the Company, I have been teaching in Kazan University. Giving lectures and providing assistance to students as their academic advisor have given me invaluable experience that is useful to me as the Team Leader. On December 5, 2013, I successfully defended my thesis for PhD’s degree in Physics and Mathematcs.



The first experience as a leading conference SMIT




My work in the Company from the very beginning and until now has helped me to fulfill my scientific potential as the area of challenging tasks is expanding every year. It is a special pleasure to work in a group of young and enthusiastic people. I feel gratified that I will be able to share my knowledge and experience with the team and not only improve myself but also contribute to professional growth of other team members.

Yulia Maslennikova, february, 2015

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