In 2008, when I was a fifth-year student in Kazan State University, Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, I began writing my graduation thesis. I was lucky to have a chance to work on my thesis under the guidance of Andrey Nikolayevitch Salamatin, Professor of Department of Applied Mathematics. In the concluding part of my thesis I was supposed to compare the performance of the software programme developed by me with the powerful software systems developed by TGT for the purpose of simulating temperatures in wellbores and reservoirs. After graduation I was offered a job in the Company and gladly accepted it. This is how I became an analyst.



As a well logging analyst I had to deal with a variety of subjects previously unknown to me. Due to my colleagues’ support and my inexhaustible interest in my profession I gained extensive experience in log interpretation, development and testing of new logging techniques, as well as in instructing newly hired employees in unique interpretation methods that are developed in the Company. Moreover, I have had a chance to visit many countries all over the world on business assignments and improve my English skills while communicating with the people I met.


In my opinion, the major advantage of working in TGT is the opportunity of continuous professional growth and career advancement. Training courses are provided on a regular basis, which helps to master the techniques developed by other Company subdivisions. My intention is to continue working in TGT’s friendly and professional team.

Elizaveta Skutina, february, 2015

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