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Spectral Noise Logging
TGT's flagship technology provides unique reservoir and well integrity solutions. Start listening through multiple barriers and understand what is really happening down hole.
Magnetic Imaging Defectoscope
A slim downhole tool that visualises several barriers individually in a single survey? It is possible! Get a complete picture of metal loss and corrosion in high resolution on any type of conveyance.
Numerical Temperature Modelling
TGT has decades of experience in high precision temperature measurements and modelling to accurately quantify flow regimes in the most complex reservoirs.
Micro Grid Flow Modelling
A step change in full-field flow modelling integrating recorded flow logs into an existing dynamic model. Reveal actual reservoir flow units behind casing and revise your subsurface flow pattern.

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Well Flow Performance: Production


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Well Flow Performance: Injection


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Leak Detection


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  Corrosion   Logging


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Micro-Grid Flow Modelling

listAbout TGT

TGT is a global provider of game-changing measurement and modeling solutions to the Oil & Gas industry for over 15 years.
The company offers Reservoir Flow, Production Diagnostic and Well Integrity solutions in any well type, through multiple barriers and on any conveyance using slim hole tools.
TGT uniquely integrates survey results into its customers’ Reservoir Dynamic models providing significantly enhanced matching.
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